Inspired by the success of - a site that has transformed the purchasing process for association management system (AMS) software - 100 Reviews and Tagoras have partnered to offer ReviewMyLMS. Unlike other review sites that focus on corporate and academic platforms, ReviewMyLMS is a site dedicated to user reviews of platforms that are designed specifically for selling online course and other forms of education. If this is an audience you are trying to reach, there is no better place for connecting with targeted prospects. 

With nearly 800 reviews, 1500 users, and more than 30 annual sponsors, has become a valued asset and a household name across the association technology market. ReviewMyLMS is now on track to achieve the same results in the market for learning management systems designed specifically for learning businesses - organizations and companies that sell continuing education, professional development, and lifelong learning. 

We are grateful to the Founding Sponsors that continue to support ReviewMyLMS:

If you represent an LMS provider that values the ideal of honest, verified user reviews and you are looking for a way to reach businesses that sell education, please consider becoming a Sustaining Sponsor of ReviewMyLMS. To find out more, download the Sustaining Sponsor brief and contact us with any questions.

Note: While we are grateful for the support that sponsors provide for ReviewMyLMS, neither sponsors nor other vendors or allowed to submit reviews or block to submission of reviews by ReviewMyLMS users.

Our Founding Sponsors

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